Student Residences

We offer our students a choice of several options for modern housing residences. Both single and double rooms are available, however, places are limited so we advise booking your preference in advance :) so book them in advance.

Apartman Student

  • Address: Chemická 951, Praha 4 – Kunratice
  • double, triple and 2 + 2 occupancy accommodation
  • 150 places
  • 30 minutes from GoStudy

Apartman Student is a modern luxury student residence. Accommodation in double and triple rooms is possible. The rooms have new modern furniture. On the territory of the residence, there is a restaurant and a student club. Find out more!

imageApartman Student

Botič Student House

  • Address: K Botiči 1439/5 Praha 10
  • single, double and 2 + 2 occupancy accommodation
  • 10 places
  • 15 minutes from GoStudy

Residence Botič Student House provides students with comfortable living conditions. The residence has a study room, a student club, and a fitness studio. The residence is located in one of the best districts of Prague – Vršovice. Find out more!

Botič Student House

Complex Hloubětín

  • Address: Slévačská 744/1 Praha 9
  • double occupancy accommodation
  • 35 minutes from GoStudy

Hloubětín residential complex is located in the district Praha 9 in the eastern part of Prague. The residential complex consists of several buildings and is designed for 1640 places. Find out more!

Complex Hloubětín

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