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Admission to the Czech Technical University

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3 July 2023



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The preparatory program prepares students seeking admission into multiple programs at the Czech Technical University. Located in Prague, Czech Technical University (CTU) is the most prestigious university in Czech Republic and one of the leading universities in Europe.

Czech Technical University (CTU)

A. Why CTU ?

Founded in 1707, The Czech Technical University in Prague (CTU) is one of the largest and oldest technical universities in Europe. It offers 419 fields of study in the framework of 105 study programs. Currently has eight faculties namely – Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering, Architecture, Transportation Sciences, Biomedical Engineering, Information Technology with over 24,000 students. CTU educates modern specialists, scientists and managers with knowledge of foreign languages, who are dynamic, flexible and can adapt quickly to the requirements of the market.

The students graduating from Czech Technical University find themselves in great demand when it comes to good employment.

B. Admission Process

The admission process at CTU consists of test which includes test on Mathematics and Czech exam B2 level. Each faculty under CTU conducts its own Mathematics exam.

Program Details

The preparatory program includes Czech language course with basic technical vocabulary and specialized training for entrance exam.

Program Duration:

Mode of Program:

Program Fee : € 5,725

Program Inclusions:

  • 870 Czech language lessons from zero to B2 level

  • 150 classes on entrance exam preparation comprising :

  • Technical terminology training

  • Mathematics exam preparation

  • Introductory courses in Higher Mathematics and Physics

Program Modules

  • B2 Level Czech language training

The module is aimed at Czech language training for B2 level proficiency. Teachers are linguists and native speakers. All faculties of the Czech Technical University in Prague have high requirements for foreign applicants in terms of Czech proficiency. In order to enroll, one needs to know Czech at the B2 level. The program also includes : visits to exhibitions on technical topics, a technical library, reading popular and scientific technical literature, preparing presentations, taking into account the choice of a future specialty

  • Mathematics exam Preparation

The aim of the module is to train and equip students to quickly and correctly solve all the typical tasks in math of the CTU exam tests. In addition to the tasks from the algebra course, the CTU exam includes tasks from the analytical geometry course. Students analyze the typical tasks included in the exam tests and work a lot with the base of the previous year’s tests

  • Introductory courses in Higher Mathematics and Physics

The introductory courses for Higher Mathematics and Physics are designed to prepare students to help successfully start their studies at CTU and cope with the most difficult subject matters in the 1st year. Students are prepared for exams by experienced teachers of prestigious Prague technical gymnasiums with extensive experience in pre-university training of applicants. The knowledge of basic technical terminology and the basics of higher mathematics helps students lot during their course of study at CTU.

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