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Tomas Bata University in Zlin

Vladislav Myrsin

5 July 2023



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Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně (UTB)

Tomas Bata University in Zlín, according to a number of rankings, is the best regional university in the Czech Republic. Tomas Bata University in Zlín specializes in close cooperation with the business sector. Due to the modern infrastructure, the University implements large projects in cooperation with companies from the Zlín Region.

Univerzita Tomáše Bati ve Zlíně (UTB)

The University strives to offer specialties that meet the needs of the practice. In the Zlín Region, the design is developed at a high level, primarily owing to the work of the Faculty of Multimedia Communications of Tomas Bata University.

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  • The University is named after the legendary founder of the shoe factory in Zlín and the world famous entrepreneur Tomas Bata (1876–1932).

  • The University was opened in 2001. For 15 years of its work, the University has managed to occupy a prominent place in the Czech higher education system.

  • The University is developing towards a business university, that is, an open university that works closely with local companies and transfers the results of science and research into practice.

  • Tomas Bata University in Zlín has 10,700 students.

  • The University offers a wide variety of humanities, natural sciences, engineering and creative specialties in six faculties.

  • In science and research, the University has received an international reputation in such areas, as polymer engineering, chemistry, automation, and process control.

  • Tomas Bata University in Zlín is the best Czech regional university in the English Quacquarelli Symonds University Rankings.

  • The University teaches English at a high level and creates an international environment.

  • The University has opened the Center for Applied Informatics and the Center for Polymer Systems. These centers conduct applied research for regional companies. The Center for the Creative Industry operates in Zlín.

Application submission: for creative specialties of the Faculty of Multimedia Communication—until November 30; for all other specialties—until March 31.

Faculty of Multimedia Communications

The Faculty provides multidisciplinary education in media, marketing, and advertising. The high level of development of design and visual culture in the Zlín Region is confirmed by the prestigious design awards that have been consistently received by local companies in recent years.


  • Marketing Communications

  • Multimedia and Design

Within the specialty “Multimedia and Design”, training is conducted in the following studios: Shoe Design, Fashion Design, Glass Design, Digital Design, Graphic Design, Product Design, Spatial Creativity, Industrial Design, and Advertising Photography

  • Advertising Photography

  • Animated Creativity

  • Audiovisual Creativity

Within the specialty “Audiovisual Creativity”, training is carried out in the following specializations: Camera, Directing and Screenwriting, Editing, Audio Engineering


Application submission for creative specialties—until November 30. The application can only be submitted to one studio. Together with the application, you should send a resume.

The entrance exam consists of 2 rounds. The first round is a portfolio competition. The second round consists of a written, a creative, and an oral exams.

The first round takes place in mid-January. The works are evaluated at the “pass”/“fail” level. The second round lasts 3 days—at the end of January.

The exam consists of: 1) a written exam for general knowledge in the visual culture and knowledge of specialization, 2) a creative exam—completing tasks in a specialization (3 days), 3) an oral exam—the applicant’s motivation, the depth of his/her interests in the specialty and general knowledge.

A maximum of 10 persons are enrolled in 1 studio.

Application submission for the “Marketing Communications”—until February 28.

The entrance exam is at the end of May. It takes place in writing. The exam checks the general prerequisites for training in the specialty marketing communications and consists of 2 parts: 1) an exam for general knowledge (literature, culture, economics, and politics—general knowledge at the level of a school graduate), 2) an exam for creativity and logical thinking (a creative approach to solving communication tasks)—you can get a maximum of 50 points for this part.

Faculty website:

Faculty of Applied Informatics

The Faculty teaches the application of all types of information technology; students study, among other things, automatic control, artificial intelligence, secure observation systems, intelligent buildings, and communications at all levels.

Bachelor’s degree specialties

  • Information and Control Technologies

  • Security Technologies, Systems, and Management

  • Information Technology in Administration

  • Software Engineering

  • Intelligent Systems with Robotics

Master’s degree specialties

  • Information Technology

  • Automatic Control and Informatics

  • Security Technologies, Systems, and Management

  • Teaching Informatics in Secondary Schools

  • Computer and Communication Systems

  • Integrated Systems in Buildings

Faculty website:

Faculty of Technology

The Faculty conducts training in technological and technological-economic specialties. First of all, the profile of the Faculty is the study of polymers and their modifications, food industry, cosmetics, environmental issues, and materials engineering.

Bachelor’s degree specialties

  • Material Engineering

  • Environmental Protection Engineering

  • Polymer Materials and Technologies

  • Chemistry and Technology of Food

  • Technology for the Production of Fats, Cosmetics, and Detergents

  • Technology and Management in Gastronomy

  • Technological Equipment

Master’s degree specialties

  • Environmental Protection Engineering

  • Material Engineering

  • Polymer Engineering

  • Chemistry of Food and Bioactive Substances

  • Technology of Fats, Detergents, and Cosmetics

  • Food Technology

  • Process Equipment Designs

  • Quality Control

  • Manufacturing Engineering

Faculty website:

Faculty of Management and Economics

The Faculty trains specialists in the field of management and marketing, enterprise economics, production and quality management, industrial engineering, finance, accounting and taxation, public administration and regional development, healthcare management.

Bachelor’s degree specialties

  • Economics and Management

  • Accounting and Taxation

  • Public Administration and Regional Development

  • Production and Quality Management

Master’s degree specialties

  • Management and Marketing

  • Management and Marketing with a specialization in Design

  • Management

  • Enterprise Economy

  • Business Administration

  • Enterprise Economy with a specialization in Tourism Economics

  • Healthcare Management

  • Industrial Engineering

  • Finance

  • Finance with a specialization in Financial Control

  • Public Administration and Regional Development

Faculty website:

Faculty of Humanities

The Faculty conducts training in pedagogical, medical, and linguistic specialties.

Bachelor’s degree specialties

  • English for Management

  • German for Management

  • Obstetrics

  • Social Pedagogy

  • Primary School Teacher

  • Nurse

  • Medical Social Worker

Master’s degree specialties

  • Preschool Pedagogy

  • Social Pedagogy

  • Social Work

Faculty website:

Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management

The Faculty is located in Uherské Hradiště. Students receive theoretical and practical education by studying subjects in the economics, management, engineering, and technology. The Faculty graduates are ready to apply the acquired knowledge and skills in unexpected or crisis situations.

Bachelor’s degree specialties

  • Management of Risks

  • Risk Management—the Management of Production and Logistics

  • Systems profile

  • Protection of Citizens

  • Environmental Risk Management

Master’s degree specialties

  • Public Safety

Within the specialty, training is carried out in the following specializations: Risk Engineering, Civil Protection, Environmental Safety, Risk of Production and Logistics Processes

Faculty website:

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