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Vedlejška, or a secondary subject of the VŠE Master’s degree

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4 July 2023



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Each VŠE Master’s degree student should choose both the primary and the secondary subjects. This is written down in the training rules.

The secondary subject, or vedlejška in Czech, can be really helpful when you’re looking for a job, especially if the secondary subject is a good complement to the primary subject. For example, many future diplomats choose to study international communication skills, while financial specialists often take up audit lessons.

There is a big choice of secondary subjects available (currently, there are 57 available subjects), so it may be a tough choice.

Popular secondary subjects include Quality Management, International Business and Financial Sector Analysis. It’s better to have two or three backup options.

Secondary subjects are less complex; some focus on theory, while others prioritise practice. The learning process often includes a short traineeship at a partner company, which can also help begin your future career.

A secondary subject usually takes one or two terms, with a final state exam at the end.

A student can choose one of the learning course subjects for his or her thesis, subject to approval by the department deputy head.

Darya Aksenova, a VŠE student in Political Science

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