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Read here about 10 reasons why the Czech Republic is still the best country to live in 2014

Aleksandra Baranova

3 July 2023



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1. The European crisis did not influence the Czech Republic

The international credit rating agency Fitch Ratings determined a high credit level for the Czech Republic in 2014 (A+) and gave it a sustainable estimate. As per Fitch Ratings, the main advantages of the Czech Republic are strong macroeconomic policy, low debts level of the private economy, stable situation in the labor market, and stable banking sector. The unemployment level in the Czech Republic is 7.6 %, while in the Eurozone it equals to 12.1 %.

Average salary is approximately 1000 euros. The Czech Republic is not the richest country but has a stable economy. A number of world-class leading manufacturers (Škoda Auto, ČEZ, RWE Transgas, Unipetrol, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech, etc.) and branches of the world-class leading manufacturers (Microsoft, Panasonic, Siemens, Renault, Toyota Peugeot Citroën Automobile, Computer Sciences Corporation, etc.) are operating in the Czech Republic. With a good education you have all chances to find a decent job.

2. The Czech Republic is a safe country

There is a low crime level in the Czech Republic. Global Peace Index, developed by sociologists and economists participating in the international group of experts around the globe, placed the Czech Republic among the 15 the most peaceful countries. The rating is based on the level of violent crime in the country, level of perceived criminality in society, relations with neighbouring countries, and military expenditure.

Quality of water and food is also high in the Czech Republic. World Health Organization includes the Czech Republic in the group of countries with low percent of water-related diseases (apart from the Czech Republic, this group includes the Nordic countries and Great Britain). As per the ranking provided by the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report, the Czech Republic is the 6th country in the world based on the Health and Hygiene status.

3. There are a lot of foreigners in the Czech Republic

According to the data provided by the Czech Statistical Office, each 25th citizen of the Czech Republic is a foreigner. In 2013 the total number of foreigners living in the Czech Republic was 441 500. Interestingly, the number of the EU citizens moving to the Czech Republic has been increasing since 2011. This means that the Czech Republic is a country that creates comfortable conditions for foreigners and give them opportunities for self-realization.

4. The Czech Republic has an excellent Health Care System

The quality of medical services, applied equipment and medication comply with the EU high standards. The level of the medical care that you can receive in the Czech Republic totally complies with the level of the medical care, for instance, in Germany or France. The quality of the Czech health care system is supported by the really high life expectancy index in the Czech Republic: 75 years for men and 81 years for women.

Each foreigner can receive a qualified free medical care provided by their health insurance (including annual preventive medical examination and covering dental care and the cost of medication in a specified amount).

5. You can get a high-quality education in the Czech Republic

Charles University, The Prague University of Economics and Business, Czech Technical University in Prague and other state universities of the Czech Republic offer a high-quality and respected education around Europe. The Czech Republic is one of the few European countries that allow foreigners to get higher education for free. Today 36 000 foreign students take this opportunity.

6. The prices in the Czech Republic are the lowest in Europe

This relates to food, travel cost, and rent paid for an apartment. Mortgage in the Czech Republic is cheap and competitive (from 2.93%)

7. Life in the Czech Republic is just comfortable

Smart public transport system, settled life, delicious national cuisine and the best prices in Europe. Citizens of the Czech Republic also have a lot of opportunities to travel comfortably and budget-friendly around Europe.

8. The Czech Republic cultural life is one of the most interesting in Europe

Modern and young art is extensively presented in the Czech Republic. There are several contemporary art centers in Prague (DOX, MeetFactory), a lot of independent galleries and art spaces, and the design expositions are constantly organized. Major music festivals take place here (Rock for people, United Islands, Colours of Ostrava, Trutnov open air), a lot of jazz clubs and just cozy cafes manage the performance of both local and foreign musicians.

The Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, as well as the film festival Febiofest, Summer Film School in Uherské Hradiště, Film Festival in Zlín, and numerous special film shows are held in the Czech Republic. French Film days, Spanish Films week, Japanese Movies Festival, etc. are held every week.

The cultural life in the Czech Republic can satisfy everyone: contemporary dance and theatre festivals, TED-talk, fashion weeks and various gastronomy festivals (beer, wine, French cuisine, exotic gastronomy, etc.).

9. Rich traditions of the Czech Republic

It is always interesting to live in a place with bright celebrations. Numerous squares are filled with open-air markets during holidays in the Czech Republic. Easter and Christmas markets are full of wooden stalls that sell Czech gourmet cuisine and souvenirs. Concert performances and costume demonstrations create a distinctive atmosphere of holidays in the Czech Republic. For instance, the Czechs dress like devils and angels and walk in the streets in the Saint Nicolas Day. Remarkably, the tradition to organize beautiful dances remains alive in the Czech Republic. The Annual Opera Ball and Viene Masquerade Ball are the main balls of the year. Obviously, students do not miss any balls at universities.

10. The Czech Republic is one of the most beautiful European countries

The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is at the top of all sorts of ratings among the most attractive cities in the world in 2014. Rich architecture heritage (from the Renaissance and Gothic to Neocubism), cultural monuments, Medieval squares, magnificent bridges, narrow streets, old castles, and unique atmosphere. This tourist stronghold (5 397 531 tourists per year) is particularly loved by the locals. For numerous beautiful parks, cozy promenades and endless paths for inspiring walks.

12 sites in the Czech Republic are included in the UNESCO List of World Heritage Sites. Historic Centre of Český Krumlov, the most fabulous city in the world, a unique natural wonder Czech Paradise, one of the most beautiful architecture heritages Litomyšl Castle are among them. Although the Czech Republic is a small country, you can travel around it endlessly.

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